Single rooms Double rooms
Cell rooms
49,-bis59,- €
69,-bis79,- €
Comfort rooms
69,-bis119,- €
89,-bis139,- €
119,-bis139,- €
139,-bis159,- €

All of our hotel rooms have telephone with flat screen cable TVs. All of our comfort rooms and suites have fully equipped bathrooms. The cell rooms all have a toilet and a sink just like a jail, and for these rooms there are separated men and women community showers located at the end of each floor. All prices of the rooms listed above are included with tax and a beautiful continental breakfast.
Gift certificates

What a wonderful gift, to give somebody the opportunity to stay in Germany's first prison hotel. We would be happy to send one to any address.
Conference rooms
  Half day Full day
New York & Chicago  60,- €  80,- €
Los Angeles 250,- € 400,- €
San Francisco 250,- € 400,- €
Palm Springs 250,- € 400,- €
Konferenz with Restaurant 1.500,- € 2.500,- €

All prices are tax included.